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Car Seat College


OK, so we understand that the car seat world can be pretty confusing at times. We’re here to help! Are you ready to learn the difference between an infant seat and a convertible? What about a combination seat? What about these new-fangled all-in-ones? Click below to learn about the different types of seats on the market today and even use patented Car Seat Select-O-Matic to identify the type of seat that might be right for your child.


Let’s face facts; rear-facing, in most cases, when possible, is just safer. But, when is the right time to think about turning your child around? Click below, and we’ll give you the facts about rear-facing versus forward-facing so you can make an informed decision that right for you and your child.


You may have heard that the rear center seat is the safest in the car before. While this is statistically true, this doesn’t mean that the other seating positions are unsafe. Click below and let’s talk about seating position and why sometimes the great center IS NOT the best choice.


Ok, it’s go time! We’ve helped you pick out the right seat, gave you the rundown on direction and identified the desired location. There’s not much left to do but install this baby! Click below and let’s talk about installation, the different methods, hardware, and more. Master this section, and you will truly become a car seat ninja!


Ok, so you’ve done everything right, even achieve a wicked sick install! That’s great! But if your harness game isn’t on point, all your hard work might as well be for naught. Let’s talk about proper harnessing and make sure your harness game is up to snuff. After all, your child depends on you!

Get An Expert Opinion

All right, you did a great job! However, did you know that up to 90% of the car seats that we see here in the Inland Northwest are installed incorrectly?!?! We’re almost sure yours isn’t, but hey, it never hurts to get a second opinion. We’re talking about from an expert, not your Uncle Frank. Set up a car seat check with one of our nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians just to be sure. And hey, it’s free! But unlike Uncle Frank, we actually know what we’re talking about!