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Car Seat Safety Educational Videos

Enjoy our collection of videos all about us and all about car seat safety.  If you can think of a topic you’d like covered in a video just let us know and we’ll work on making one to post.

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Car Seat Informational Video

Enjoy this collection of videos containing general car seat information, information about car crashes and more.  We’re adding videos all the time so check back often.

If It’s Too Good To Be True…  

The old axiom “If it’s too good to be true…” is still applicable today.  When shopping for car seats or other baby gear make sure you’re buying a legitimate product and not a fake or knockoff.    

Car Seats & Winter Jackes

Hopefully, you’ve heard something about bulky coats and car seats.  If you haven’t, it’s something that we caution parents about all the time.  Watch this video for a visual of why we make this recommendation.

Other Great Videos

Family Testimonials of Safe Infant Sleep

Safe sleep can be hard, but it is so important.  This video features a group of amazingly strong parents sharing their stories about how safe sleep has impacted their lives.  Safe sleep is hard but your baby is worth it.

Our Story

Hear our story. 

Stay Close, Sleep Apart

We worked with the Spokane Regional Health District to create this two minute PSA about safe infant sleep.

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